“I’ve come here to get inspiration and ideas for next year. The show is very valuable to my business, to find new suppliers, new products and it’s imperative really that you do come. As a result of coming to the forecourt show we have made significant buying decisions. Being next door to Farm Shop & Deli Show is also brilliant and another great opportunity to find other suppliers”

Simon Privett, Proprietor, Tolgate Services

"It was a good choice to come back. I’d recommend to forecourt people. This is my second time here. We’re after energy drinks which we’ve seen a lot of. It’s also nice to put a name to a face when seeing our suppliers.”

Lisa Younger, Harwoods

“Great to be here at The Forecourt Show- there seems to be lots of suppliers here! I do think it’s really valuable to be able to see what other people are doing. Busy, exciting and fun!”

Ailsa Wilkins, Business Development Manager, BP Oil UK

"It’s meeting new peoples and new businesses and lots and lots of new ideas and products. It’s extremely important, if you don’t get to look outside of your own little box you’ll never ever grow”

Steven Bane, CEO, Safer Systems

“It’s good, seen new products. There’s products that we’re looking at for our forecourt. We came last year and we’re back this year”

Christine Leveridge, Owner, Whittington Garage

"Very friendly, really good so far’

Cheryl Meades, SBDM