Ben Meech, Technical Manager, Sainsbury’s:
“The Forecourt Show was well worth the visit, especially for the Fuelling the Future session and also for the networking opportunities.”


Quentin Willson, Motor Journalist

“I’d recommend events like this simply because you just are talking to people who are in the know, and it’s all about knowledge and knowledge is about power and knowledge is about advancement and you just, you can’t read this stuff on the internet.  So if you’re not here, you’re not in the game.”


Paul Lockley, Partner, Fairway Service Station

“If you come to The Forecourt Show it’s basically insuring yourself for the future. To get a gist of what’s going on, what products are coming on to the market, especially pumps and suppliers. You can’t afford not to come because if you don’t and you don’t see what’s new then you’re not going to be moving forward in your business and you’re going to stand still.”


Charles Masters, Syston Service Station:
“I made a special trip to The Forecourt Show as I am looking for a new fuel deal and wanted to speak to Jet and Shell. The Show is a good place to see them at the same time.”

Richard Higgins: Owner and Manager, Culverhill Retail

“I’ve come here today just to see what it’s about. If I don’t take time to come here I simply won’t have time to get around and see all the different things that are happening in the marketplace, things that we can introduce into our business that can make it more successful.”


Tristan King, Managing Director, King Family Stores

“Business moves so fast, and without knowing where the market’s going, you quickly get left behind, so it’s imperative you take time out of your business I believe. So we come last year, we got two great ideas from the show, both implemented and both making money, so a day out of the business can be a very, very profitable day.”