‘’Frazzled by Facebook? Troubled by Twitter? Irritated by Instagram? 

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If you’re feeling lost in the world of digital and social media then why not come and get some expert advice in a relaxed, friendly environment.

The Digital Hub Advisers are available throughout the show to answer all your questions about websites, marketing digitally to your customers and maximising social media.

They can run your store  through a quick Social Media MOT to highlight any gaps in your strategy and produce a simple action plan to work on back in your store to make the most of these free resources.

And if you’re already a whizz with social media and wondering where to go next they can share some new platforms and initiatives to grow your business.10am t0 5pm available all day!  

  • Some of the areas our advisers can help with include:  
  • Choosing the right social media channels for your store  
  • Perfect posting: what to say and when to say it
  • Driving customer loyalty online
  • Supercharge your social media messages
  • Go beyond social media

And if you’d just like the chance to grab a coffee, read your e-mails and check out some of the exhibitors websites then we’ve the tech for you to do that too.

10am to 5pm available all day!