Ramsay MacDonald, Retail Director, Certas Energy sees exciting prospects for Dealers in 2017.

“We are excited by the prospects for the UK’s independents in 2017 with talented entrepreneurs raising industry standards through investment in people, facilities and the development of state-of-the-art forecourts and stores. Whether a single site Dealer or a ‘super group’, each in their own way will positively reshape the roadside face of Britain.”

“The focus on food will continue with fuel providing the footfall driver whilst the search for differentiation will develop further as new roadside offers, with high street origins, become commercialised. The consumer revolution will continue with more people than ever considering a filling station to be their 'local shop'. It’s been a fantastic turnaround and it’s hurting the Supermarkets so we must all be ready for the back lash.”

“My optimism for the Dealer market also extends to our own business. Certas Energy will continue to invest in infrastructure, talent and marketing to strengthen the size and quality of our Gulf network. Acquisition will feature strongly as we grow our Dealer and Company estates towards 550 sites. Recent renegotiations to our long-term UK supply arrangements put us in even greater shape to drive down costs for our Dealers and boost their long term prospects.”