Michael Harison, Business Development Manager, Marsh Industries
“We’ve met some really forward-thinking professionals at the show and have come away with some great leads, we will be back in 2021!”


Peter Harrison, Key Account Manager, Washtec
“Busiest show we’ve attended in the last 15 years, the quality of visitors is fantastic, and we have lined up site visits for as early as next week!”


Scott Krieger, Lead Designer, Edge Petrol

“The Forecourt Show is better than the other shows, purely because it’s a bigger event. We get to network with more people and potentially speak to new customers, or potential partners that we’re going to be teaming up with.”


Sue Clements, Strategic Account Manager, BP Oil UK Ltd
“It's the first time BP has been at The Forecourt Show in a decade so we’ve been really busy. It’s exciting to speak to existing customers as well as prospective new ones. A lot of visitors were keen to talk about electric vehicle charging and our team have been advising them on how to prepare for that on their sites.”


James Hayfield: Sales Director, RS Sales & Distribution

“I think that’s the good thing about the Forecourt Show, is that you get business owners and decision makers, who often are very stretched on their time, so you get to have an opportunity to speak to them face to face, which is often quite difficult.”


Oliver Mueller, Retail Business Manager, Jet:
“This is my first Forecourt Show and I am very impressed with its professionalism. All our competitors are here so we had to be too. It’s been very worthwhile and we’ve been very busy meeting customers as well as making new contacts.”


Thuvy Ranjith, Account Manager, EdgePetrol:
“As a start-up brand, The Forecourt Show has been the ideal platform to get our name out there in the marketplace. We’ve done a lot of networking and spoken to a lot of prospective customers.”